February 23, 2019


In the 1st grade I really wanted a lunchbox even though I always bought a hot school lunch. While decluttering I happened upon my thermos from the Hot Wheels lunchbox I received for Christmas. I never used it, so my mom hijacked the box for her curlers. As adults, I shocked my friend Sally when I told her that she had a purple Road Runner lunchbox in the 4th grade. The kids who brought lunchboxes lined them up against the wall at recess after lunch. I would walk along and look at them as though I were in an art gallery. One of my favorite shows at that time was The Road Runner Show. Many girls owned The Partridge Family lunchbox. When the bell rang, I would often watch who picked up their boxes. Road Runner belonged to Sally. I also reminded her about her baton-twirling routine to Boogie Fever in our 5th-grade talent show. My performance was Paper Roses on my clarinet. I was 10, for crying out loud. Learn about lunchbox history.

February 16, 2019

World got you down?

Nobody makes me laugh harder than Kristen Wiig. Give it a shot.

February 3, 2019

Super Bowl Sunday

If you're a football fan, you'll enjoy watching these vintage plays
from the 1940s. Below, is the 1944-45 football team from Hopkinton, Massachusetts shivering in the cold. My dad is number 19. Click on the pic to enlarge. My father liked the full-on contact of football and said that sportsmanship and being courteous was important.