February 1, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday dose of pop culture

Here's a cool clip of teenagers in the 1950s and 60s.

My parents, above, were teenagers in the 1940s. They both graduated from high school in 1945. In the 1940s, most girls wore their hair parted on the side. My mom, however, preferred her hair parted in the middle like Hedy Lamarr. Underneath my mom's photo in her yearbook it reads Pretty as a picture and nice to know. She became a nurse. My dad was voted Most Athletic, Noisiest and Teacher's Pest.

In the photo above, he poses before a game sans face guard.

This is Hedy Lamarr. My mom copied her hairstyle as a teenager.
Check out THIS about Lamarr. Right on Hedy.

Typical teenagers during the 1940s. Swing was the thing. When my mom was a senior in high school, she was allowed to skip school to see a matinee performance by Frank Sinatra in Boston.

Above are common hairstyles from the 1940s. Va va va voom!