December 29, 2018

fascinating footage

My jaw drops every time I watch this video. The film speed was slowed and sound was added. Go here for more if it floats your boat.

Notre-Dame (1896)
Champs-Élysées Speedway (1899)
Passing of a fire brigade (1897)
A guy and his bike (1897)
Moving walkway at the Paris Exposition (1900)

December 21, 2018

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy Christmas Show

My Christmas season shifted into high gear last night when I saw Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at my favorite joint. The best thing about Christmas for me is the abundance of holiday music. You gorge on the stuff and then it's gone 'til next year. No wonder these guys sell out by July. Fantastic, fun band with a horn section AND an upright bassist – who sang the Grinch song to perfection. Their rendition of the Snow/Heat Miser song got the audience groovin' with Xmas spirit.

December 19, 2018

sometimes you just know

All of my parent's high school years (1941–45) occurred during World War II. My dad, pictured left, had an older brother who was a flight navigator in the war. One day my dad and his classmates were sitting in class when they heard the roar of oncoming planes. As they grew closer, my father jumped up and ran to the windows to watch them pass over. His teacher repeatedly ordered him to sit down until he finally turned to her and said "that's my brother flying over, I will not sit down!" This happened in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. My uncle confirmed that it was indeed him that purposefully flew over the school, pictured above. I love this story.

December 17, 2018

Hot Bulb

Years ago, my family and I made up a game called Hot Bulb
(based on Hot Potato) for my mom's last Christmas. Play this and
I guarantee it'll make your Christmas more memorable and fun.

Here's how to play:
1. The dj plays music with his/her back to everyone.
2. The "hot bulb" (a ball or crinkled-up wrapping paper)
is tossed around randomly. Giggling ensues.
3. The dj (with back to everyone) stops the music.
4. Whoever is holding the "hot bulb" when the music stops,
tells a Christmas memory. Try it, you'll like it.

December 15, 2018


Check out this intriguing and somewhat sad video of a photo series.
The pics were inspired by a book of matches from the 1960s.

December 9, 2018

1965 Wurlitzer jukebox

Thanks to one cool hombre, a 1965 jukebox has been lovingly restored and has come back to life to continue to blast out grooviness.

December 2, 2018

Martha and the Vandellas

A great find for me is a live tv performance that I didn't see the first time around. Often, groups/singers lip-synched or lip-synched to a live recording. If you dig Motown/Soul, you're going to love this 1966 performance. There's even a Hammond and a Leslie speaker.