April 14, 2019

hold me, love me

I received this book for Christmas when I was 15. Most of what I learned about The Beatles came from reading this book and looking at the pics. I used to only imagine the experience that was Beatlemania.

Now with the web, we have so much info available instantly. What I only read in books I can now see. This video of their 1965 Shea Stadium concert really displays Beatlemania for those who weren't present. I truly believe they came at the right time – just after JFK's death. They helped a lot of people cope with their pent-up pain and anquish. Yay!

A dad can't deal with his kids freaking out. Imagine the energy.

Eight Days A Week complete with wonderful imperfections. Watch how the smallest girl cries to the rhythm of the song. You're welcome.

April 6, 2019

I beg your pardon?

I vaguely remember being four-years-old but I definitely remember being five. I would get lost in music as a kid, especially in the car. One of the first songs I remember loving was Rose Garden by Lynn Anderson. She even appeared on Top of the Pops in Britain. Don't you love when the live performance sounds like the record? Check out the audio from this Top of the Pops version. You can hear the studio audience. I'm in love with that thumping bass.

White-suit man is dancing Elaine. A full-body dry heave to music.