May 20, 2010


From December 1960 to May 1982, WABC in New York City was the definition of Top 40 radio. It was the most influencial music radio station of its day and had the power to make hit records. Check out the website music radio 77 and listen to the actual deejays, jingles, promos, contests, slogans, commercials and music. What a gas to hear what rock radio sounded like from the 1960s through the 80s.

May 10, 2010

I Slept With Joey Ramone

I just finished reading
the book by Mickey
Leigh (Mitchel Hyman)
about his brother Joey
Ramone (Jeff Hyman).
When I was a teenager,
and my peers were
diggin' bands like Van
Halen, Journey and REO
Speedwagon, I was grateful
for The B-52s and groups like
The Ramones. Of course I had
to buy The Ramones Greatest
Hits cd while reading it. I've
forgotten how many songs they
had. When was the last time
you heard Pet Sematary?!
I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend,
live in concert, 1980

May 7, 2010

let's go Red Sox!

I love when a friend calls me at 5:30 and says "wanna see the Sox
tonight?" We sat in the front row of the bleachers. The bleacher section
gets drunk and loud. It's funny to a point... then shut the hell up!

let's get outta here!

Love these! Check out Vintage Chrome Postcards and get inspired to go away for the weekend to a cheesy little motel with a pool. It'll be a
swingin' good time. Whooooooooooooaaaaahhhhhhhh!

hubba hubba

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