April 28, 2019

Man, those colors

We deal with heavy stuff at times, but if you can still laugh and try not to take yourself too seriously, groovy. Skimming through videos from past eras that give me a chuckle helps to do that. While watching, I'll often think about how old the people in my life were at that time. For instance, this clip is from 1947. My mom was in nursing school and my parents were dating. Was this how it was when my parents got a malted? Bummer about the music but the colors are blowing me away.

I've never seen a color photo of my parents
before the 1960s. My mom would show me a
photo and tell me what color her clothing was
in the picture but I just saw black and white.
After my mom graduated from nursing school in
1948, she and her school friends rented cottages
at Hampton Beach in New Hampshire. My dad
and his buddies went up to visit. My parents loved
to dance and were good at it. I'm sure they did
a lot of jitterbuggin' at the ballroom there.

My mom told me that her bathing suit in this picture was bright red.

My parents are front and center in July 1949 on their honeymoon drive to Canada. Click to make big. It was taken at The Allen "A" Camp on Lake Winnipesaukee in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire while watching fireworks. They stayed in a little cottage. Where's the snuggling?