December 31, 2017

Tower of Power

A friend bought some tickets to see Tower of Power at one of my favorite venues for Friday night’s show. I had no idea what I was in for. The band is now fronted by the charismatic, entertaining “Memphis Soul Man” Marcus Scott and the rhythm and horn sections were superb. This show blew me away. It also didn't hurt that we were in the second row.

My parents always relinquished control of the car radio to their kids.
I knew all of the latest pop songs from the car. I’ll often hear a tune and immediately think “car radio song”. So Very Hard to Go is my quintessential car radio song. How can I not throw in What Is Hip?

Very interesting interviews with Emilio Castillo and David Garibaldi

Have a listen to Stop by Howard Tate, one of the songs mentioned in Castillo's interview (above) that inspired the Tower of Power sound.