September 7, 2018

Beatle wigs

Thanks to WMBR's John Funke, I now know a 1964 Coaster's song about a guy in a Beatle wig. Because I need to sing along with it, I needed the lyrics. Since I couldn't find them on the net, I did it the old-fashioned way – by listening to the song 500 times. No need for the lyrics now. I know you're thanking me. How was this fun tune not a hit?!

Wild One, The Coasters, 1964

Because of Ringo's upcoming concert at the Boch Center/Wang Theatre, I've had Beatles on the brain. Check out Cher singing a Beatles novelty song about Ringo from 1964 as Bonnie Jo Mason.

Ringo, I Love You, Bonnie Jo Mason, 1964

Above is Cher's 1959 mugshot for driving without a license at 13.