March 31, 2020

Boston's WBCN

As a teenager in the late 1970s and early 80s, radio stations were my window to the world. During junior high after getting a clock radio for my bedroom, JB105 out of Providence, RI was my favorite station for pop music. In the 9th grade while briefly diggin' hard rock, WAAF out of Worcester, MA did it for me. During the 10th grade, WCOZ was very popular and many kids wore COZ t-shirts to school. But in the 11th grade, I discovered WBCN and was obsessed. My parents bought a new car that year and without permission I slapped a BCN sticker on the bumper. It was 1982 and music was changing. New-wave was becoming big and BCN rotated this new genre into its repertoire. I would travel to Boston to Newbury Comics when there was only one store on Newbury Street to buy my 45s because Strawberries didn't carry the local music I was hearing on BCN. Below, are some of the actual 45s that I bought during that unique time in music history:

WBCN introduced me to Lene Lovich, one of my favs from that era: