March 24, 2019

first ladies of the bass

As 14-year-olds, a friend and I practically wore out his Talking Heads: 77 album. Those songs had a huge influence on me. There's something about art students who rock out. Hello, John Lennon.

Here are two videos of prolific bassists Tina Weymouth and Carol Kaye (The Wrecking Crew). I never realized how many tv themes Kaye was involved in. The Brady Bunch? I just looooooooove the bass!

A smattering of tunes by The Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club:

Psycho Killer
Don't Worry About the Government
The Book I Read
Life During Wartime
This Must Be The Place
This Must Be The Place - live
Road to Nowhere 
And She Was 
Girlfriend is Better
Genius of Love
Wordy Rappinghood - the story
Wordy Rappinghood - tv show 
Wordy Rappinghood - video
Pleasure of Love

Except for the extremely annoying audio breaks, if you're a rock and roll history buff, you'll find this documentary hosted by Weymouth very fascinating. It's all about the bass. Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing!