June 1, 2019

Peter Wolf

I never enjoyed large-arena concerts. Seeing incredible acts in an intimate setting does it for me. I finally saw Peter Wolf of the J. Geils Band at the fantastic TCAN last night with his fabulous band The Midnight Travelers. One of my faves putting on a great show 15 feet in front of me! I was naughty and snapped a pic. Got caught but it was worth it. From the start he had the audience clapping, singing, shouting, laughing and smiling. The segues between songs were superb with Wolf's splendid "woofa goofa" speak. When a woman sauntered up to the stage and hilariously gyrated for him, he sang to her. Music can take you right back to an emotion, memory or specific time in your life and I was time-traveling all over the place while hearing Just Can't Wait and the Full House tunes. Whooooooooooaaaaaahhhhh! Thanks, Peter!