June 16, 2019

The Fab Faux

I've never been to The Wilbur Theatre until last night and I loved it. For the first time ever, I sat in loge seating and I'm hooked. Click on pic to see view. A splendid birthday present took me to see The Fab Faux and I'm hooked again. This tremendous group performed Beatles '65 (one of my Christmas presents in the 10th grade) and the 1968 album The Beatles, aka "The White Album." When they polled for repeat customers, most of the audience cheered and I know why. This band is incredibly talented. When the drummer came forward to sing, another member took over on drums. The drummer sang often and his rendition of Julia brought tears to my eyes. Gorgeouso! Lots of peeps knew every word to every song and didn't hold back. Screaming the lyrics to I Feel Fine from my perch was heaven. Since taking photos was grounds for expulsion, I waited 'til the end. I was naughty I know. If The Beatles are your thang, you will dig, dig, dig this show. Fun, fun, fun!