January 20, 2024

February 9, 1964

While listening to 88 Rewound count down the hits of January 13, 1964 from Philly's WIBG in honor of The Beatles, I thought about people I know who were around then. My mom was home cleaning and ironing to the kitchen radio while her oldest 3 kids left for school – then errands with my 2-year-old sister while listening to the car radio. I was unfamiliar with many of the songs and skipped through some slow ones. A few weeks later, the Beatles would be known worldwide. Yippeee!
Below are a few pop songs from the January 1964 survey:

He Ain't No Angel, The Lovejoys, 1963
Ellie Greenwich, who wrote the song, is really singing.

Move It Baby, Simon Scott with The LeRoys, 1964

Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys, The Cookies, 1963

What do you remember about this historic happening? Discuss.